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Pulley Operated Wooden Garden Parasol – 2m Round – Green

The STURDI parasol range is probably one of the best quality collections of parasols available to buy throughout the UK. A true benefit of buying a STURDI parasol from Whitestores is the fact that we exclusively offer replacement parasol canopies. This means that after time if you feel you’d like to change the colour scheme to your parasol or you’d like to bring it back to life without wasting a perfectly good parasol frame then you can replace the fabric canopy to fit. Designed and manufactured in 4 sizes; 2m, 2.5m & 3m Round as well as a 3m x 2m Rectangular these options should mean there is a suitable parasol to fit any table shape and size. The 2m round parasol featured here is the ideal size for small 2 seat sets of furniture and even some 4 seat sets of furniture. To work out what size parasol you need visit our Parasol Buying Guide where you’ll find a comprehensive breakdown of our recommendations. One important thing to remember when deciding which parasol is right for you is to remember that the canopy should not just cover the table but the chairs as well, otherwise you’ll find your guests getting warm or wet depending on the weather. To ascertain which parasol you need we recommend that you measure the width and length of your table adding 50cm to each of the measurements to allow for chairs. Features of the STURDI 2m Parasol include: Removable finial which allows you to take off and machine wash the canopy at 40°C. Double stitch pockets and edging to stop the parasol from fraying around the edge and help ensure the rib does not poke through the canopy over time. 180 Gram poly spun water resistant canopy with a level 5 fade resistance. 6 Oversized 17mm x 22mm FSC Eucalyptus Wood parasol ribs which add far more strength than standard size ribs. This also increases the life expectancy of the parasol and should ensure the ribs don’t break if the wind picks up. Resin Hub and Runner. If parasols are made using wooden hubs and runners these parts can expand and contract in varying weather conditions and cease up around the centre pole of the parasol. By using resin hubs and runners colour matched to look identical to the wooden parts then you’ll never have this problem. Stainless Steel fixtures and fittings throughout the parasol. This includes the pulley system and the screw cap located in the centre of the pole. 1cm Thick anti – fray high quality pulley cord instead of the standard thin cord which normally frays within a matter of weeks. 38mm 2 Piece Centre Pole allowing for easy storage when not in use. 100% FSC Eucalyptus Wood construction throughout the parasol. Extended screw connector to ensure the parasol doesn’t wobble in the middle. This also adds extra strength to the entire frame work and is actually a really key feature of the STURDI parasols. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, a worldwide recognised non – profit organisation to promote responsible management of the world’s forests. Many parasols available are made from unethical wood sources, unmanaged wood supply chains and illegal deforestation, however STURDI are concerned about the number of forests remaining in the world and want to ensure their longevity. To help with this they have decided that all parasols carrying the STURDI logo are manufactured from FSC managed forests, this may increase the cost of the parasol slightly as the extra workload that goes into ensuring certified woods are purchased for the construction isn’t cheap however STURDI feel that maintaining the world’s forests is a top priority and should not be a second thought to price. There are lots of different woods used for the construction of parasols, but the best is FSC Eucalyptus. After years of trialing different woods the STURDI range has settled on FSC Eucalyptus because of its ideal characteristics for making parasols, the wood doesn’t warp or bend like some cheaper parasols, in the trade this is called the banana effect where the parasol centre poles bow after the weather affects their ability to perform. Another feature of Eucalyptus is the beautiful true grain finish the wood has, all you need to do with Eucalyptus is varnish the wood, some cheaper parasols use a Chinese Hardwood, Nyatoh, Juniper or even a mixture of woods. Once varnished the true colour of the Eucalyptus wood comes to life, it produces a light golden brown colour similar to Teak which suits the majority of wooden dining sets. Cheaper woods not only look cheap and nasty but require painting during manufacture to hide all the blemishes and imperfections in the woods. Fade resistance levels are largely overlooked by most people when buying a parasol but it’s a very important part of the buying decision as it will define how long your parasol looks new. The fade resistance is determined by a test that is carried out on the fabric before it’s cut and machined into a canopy. The test is normally undertaken in China because this is where most parasols are manufactured, it ascertains roughly how many hours of sunlight the material can withstand before fading. Very few parasols available online or in garden centres are waterproof, in fact we are not aware of any that aren’t considered commercial quality and then they become very expensive. However the STURDI parasol canopy are made from spun polyester which is a man – made fabric and therefore inherently rot, shrink, crumple, stain and water resistant. By this we mean you can leave you parasol up in slightly rainy conditions and the water will bead off the edges, however we cannot guarantee that you will be able to use this parasol as a shelter from heavy rain, if this is what you are looking for then we would rather recommend a gazebo or wall mounted awning. With all parasols you are going to need a parasol base, the difference in base weights comes when you are considering whether to use the parasol in conjunction with a table or as a free standing parasol. If you intend placing the STURDI 2m round parasol through the centre hole of a table you will not need a parasol base heavier than 15kg, however if think you might like to place the parasol away from the table and create a shade elsewhere in your garden then we strongly recommend 20kg to 25kg depending upon the weather conditions in your area, for extremely windy conditions the heavier the parasol base the better, remember, you can never have too much weight in your parasol base. All parasols tend to get dirty from bird dropping, tree sap, pollution etc. over time, to combat this and extend the life of your parasol as much as possible we strongly recommend placing a parasol cover over your parasol when not in use. This will help stop the suns UV rays from fading and generally keep the canopy clean.

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