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LazyLife Inflatable Cushion Seat

Ready for use as soon as you need it and great both indoors and out, our LazyLife inflatable cushion is the perfect accessory for Summer, as well as being ready for use all-year round. Built from high quality kraft cover and supplied with its very own pump, the Paris is ready for use in minutes, and provides a comfortable seat for the entire day. To use the LazyLife cushion seat, simply unfold the cushion, and slip it through the widest part of the supplied metal base. Be sure to adjust the position of the cushion within the base to give yourself the desired amount of backrest and seating space. Next, open the valve on the cushion and attach the pump nozzle, then turn on the pump. When the cushion is fully inflated, remopve the pump and re-fasten the nozzle. Now enjoy your excellent new cushion,…

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