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Elements Square Lantern

The Terra Flame range of flame lanterns are not supplied with fuel. Fuel is available in packs of six or twelve canisters. We also recommend the use of the Sun-Jel Lid Opener tool for safe lighting and extinguishing of your lantern. The Elements range of Terra Flame Lanterns are a unique and distinctive range of garden lanterns offering the beauty of the Earth’s natural resources in their most pure form. The Elements range is finished with rust and accented with real river rock, each piece being one-of-a-kind and unique, blending seamlessly into any landscape. The Elements Torch comes in a range of sizes; this torch is a short, wider square version, standing at only 19 inches tall and 10 inches square. Our Terra Flame outdoor torches are unique and stylish, as well as 100% environmentally-friendly,…

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