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Cobra RM48SPK 19″ Petrol Powered Rear Roller Lawnmower

The Cobra RM48SPK petrol rear roller lawnmower is powered by a Kohler Courage XT173 0218 engine, has a 19″ cutting width and is built for the demands of the domestic and professional gardener. Product FeaturesCreate a beautiful lawn with the full width steel rear roller: Equipped with a heavy steel rear roller, the Cobra RM48SPK will create a traditional striped finish. The split differential drive preventsslipping on damp ground and ensures the lawn won’t be scalped whilst turning. The RM48SPK also gives you the ability to mow right up to the edge of flowerbeds and borders. The rear roller supports the lawnmower when the front wheels are in line with the border edge. Shaft drive means no more belts or chains: The high specification RM48SPK machine from Cobra is shaft driven rather than belt or chain drive, so it will cope easily with long periods of intensive use in the most challenging conditions. Powerful fan for superior grass collection: Come rain or shine, the Cobra fan assisted collection system ensures a great collection every time. Even in the dampest conditions, the integrated fan works like a vacuum to further improve the collection of grass cuttings into the 70ltr collection bag. This fan assisted collection system is also efficient in the removal of other garden debris such as leaves. Blade brake clutch system: Cobra’s Blade Brake Clutch System allows you to stop the blades while the engine keeps running. With most traditional mowers, when you let go of the handlebar, the engine stops running and you have to restart the mower to continue. This can be a hassle, especially if you are bagging. Roto-Stop stops the blades from turning, but keeps the engine running. No need to restart the mower. 7 cutting heights: The Cobra RM48SPK petrol lawnmower has 7 adjustable cutting heights ranging from 13mm for a superb low finish, up to 59mm for tackling longer grass. All this is achieved by simply using the height of cut adjustment levers. Depending on the height of your grass, you can easily and efficiently adjust the cutting height to suit.70ltr grass bag: The Cobra RM48SPK petrol lawnmower is equipped with a 70ltr fabric grass bag, ideal for collecting large amounts of grass clippings before the need for emptying. The grass bag on the Cobra RM48SPK is made from a robust, high quality fabric. This fabric enables a strong free flow of air which means that grass collection on this machine is even more compact and comprehensive.

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