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Kingfisher Snap Action Multi Purpose Tap Connector

Snap action multi purpose tap connector. Fits most standard domestic taps.

Hozelock Courier / Killay Washer Service Kit Z56H

Hozelock Sprayer washer set for Hozelock courier sprayers and Hozelock Killaspray sprayers. Includes 11 O rings, 2 washers, 2 springs, 1 grommet and 1 bung.

Hozelock 15mm – 19mm Aquastop Connector Plus

The latest version of the 15mm & 19mm Hozelock Aqua Stop connector. Our new quick connect hose connectors are a step ahead of all the others. The Aqua Stop connector has an internal valve that stops the water flow when an accessory (eg a spraygun ) is disconnected. This saves you having to go back

Claber Extension Hose

The Claber 1.5m extension hose features automatic Quick-Click couplings. Ideal for attaching your garden hoses and irrigation units to your water source with ease.

Claber Set Of 10 Spare Bags For Carry Cart

Claber carry cart bags are substantial and strong. Three times thicker then ordinary garden bags, these bags are perfect for all kinds of jobs around the garden. Resistance to thorns, pruned branches and garden waste, this set includes 10 bags manufactured from strong recyclable material.

Claber Bag Clamps

Claber resin clamps are designed to attach bags on to ‘Carry-Carts ย. The 4 piece pack will secure a bag to your eco cart quickly and easily.

Claber Wall Brackets

For wall mounted installations of Claber hose reels. Complete supply of: brackets – screws and nuts – expansion bolts – hose reel retainer wingnut. shock-proof and weather resistant complete with all the hardware

Kingfisher Multi Tap Connector

Multi tap connector. Compatible with most standard domestic taps up to H43mm x W34mm. Complete with an assortment of washers.

Bio Green 2 Way Tap Connector

2-Way Tap Splitter – For double irrigation in your garden Only one faucet in the garden is available? Then double your options with this handy 2-way tap splitter with 3/4″ connection. The soft grip distribution valves direct the required water into two hoses that can be used independently. These can be conveniently switched off and

Kingfisher Two Way Shut-Off Adaptor

Two way twin adaptor. One inch threaded tap fitting and half inch male snap action hose connections.

Kingfisher Threaded Tap Connector

Three quarter inch threaded tap connector, snap action, half inch hose connection.

Kingfisher Snap Action Female Water Stop

Snap action female water stop. Connects to male adaptor.

Kingfisher Half Inch Hose Connector

Half inch hose connector. Securely connects two sections of hose pipe.

Kingfisher Snap Action Spray Nozzle

Adjustable snap action spray nozzle. Simple twist action to operate, spray from jet to mist.

Kingfisher Snap Action Tap Connector

Snap action tap connector. Suitable for half inch round taps.

Kingfisher Half Inch Tap Connector

Half inch tap connector Compatible with most standard domestic taps.

Kingfisher Half Inch Male Adaptor

Half inch male, two way adaptor. To join two female fittings.

Kingfisher Spray Nozzle Starter Set

Spray nozzle starter set. Adjustable spray nozzle, female water stop, female fitting, three quarter inch threaded tap connector.