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Outback Meteor 4 Burner Gas BBQ with Side Burner – Blue

The Outback Meteor 4 Burner Gas BBQ is a towering inferno, boasting four burners! These are lit by an electronic ignition system, and are controlled individually. Four rounds of meat being grilled at once equals a shorter queue! The generous cooking area – 63.5cm x 42cm – is split down the middle between grill and

Napoleon LEX 485 BBQ – 2017 Model

Napoleon’s LEX 485 Gas Grill has everything you need for an outdoor kitchen experience. The high quality stainless steel gives the look and durability of the most expensive grills, but at an affordable price. Get the whole outdoor cooking experience with three stainless steel burners, each with its own backlit control knob, an infrared rear

Napoleon LEX 730 BBQ

You will never want to cook indoors again once you get the Napoleon LEX 730 Gas Grill. The LEX 730 is an entire outdoor kitchen in one convenient cabinet. Cook up to 40 burgers to feed a crowd on the 730 square inches of grilling area. This LEX 730 has generous side shelves that also contain

Napoleon Pro Charcoal Cart BBQ

The Napoleon Gourmet Grills Charcoal Cart BBQ is a wheeled barbecue system that will give your meat the delicious charcoal flavour we all love! Get the temperature right with the heat gauge on the lid; secure the meat with the hinged cooking grids; be sure of even air distribution with the built-in stainless steel heat

Napoleon Pro 605 Charcoal BBQ – Stainless Steel

This Napoleon PRO605 Charcoal BBQ in Stainless Steel is a wide and welcoming tower of a barbecue that is packed with many useful features. From the heaving charcoal tray that flays the mat draped drippingly across the wavy grill bars, to the infrared heater at the rear, to the temperature gauge on the hood, this barbecue

Napoleon Prestige Pro 665 BBQ – Stainless Steel

This Napoleon Prestige PRO 665 BBQ in stainless Steel leaves one wondering where to begin when describing it! A good starting point is the main section of burners – an array of five awaits your defrosted meats as the queue builds. The Jetfire ignition kicks things off without a hitch; the temperature gauge ensures the heat

Napoleon Triumph 410 BBQ

This Napoleon Triumph 410 BBQ is a stainless steel tower of convenience that promises big smiles and sizzling meat! The pair of gas-fired burners will get everybody’s requests sizzling away – and the handy side-burner will help keep that queue down! The side-shelf and storage cupboard wait ready to house plates, utensils and even piles of

Napoleon Triumph 495 BBQ

This Napoleon Triumph 495 BBQ is a concise yet powerful garden grilling machine that promises to keep the queues short and juicy meats piled high! With three gas-fired grills ready to take on your guests’ requests, an additional range side-burner stands by to assist when it gets particularly busy. Keep the plates, utensils or defrosted meat

Napoleon Rogue 425 Inc Side Burner Gas BBQ – Black

It’s time to break free from boring backyard grilling with the Napoleon Rogue 425 with side burner in black. It’s time to be different. It’s time to grill different. It is time to go Rogue. Sear succulent seasonal treats on our iconic Wave cast iron cooking grids. Three stainless steel burners produce precise heat where

BBQ Cover for Excel & Omega

This Outback BBQ Cover is an important accessory for any Excel and Omega barbecue owner. Keeping your barbecue protected it vital if you want to keep it looking its best. We all know the rain is a danger – but the sun is also a threat, with its harmful effects on the paintwork. Keep your

Napoleon – BBQ Cover for Triumph 325

Protect your Napoleon Triumph 325 series grill with thishigh-quality Napoleon – BBQ Cover forTriumph 325. Made from heavy-duty PVC polyester for durable use, the UVprotected material is great for preventing colour fading and also features a3-inch ventilation strip to reduce moisture build up. The graphite grey colouringis ideal for blending into the surroundings when the

BBQ Cover for Trooper & Spectrum 2 Burner

This Outback BBQ Cover is a useful accessory that will protect your Trooper or Spectrum 3-burner barbecues from the elements. The rain, UV radiation and birds all threaten to damage the pristine appearance of your barbecue – and at the very least you will face tiresome cleaning before you can even think about meat! With

Napoleon Rodeo 57cm Charcoal Kettle BBQ – Black

This Napoleon Rodeo Charcoal Kettle Grill is the original infrared grilling machine. Light and mobile, this agile little kettle grill can easily go where the action is, giving you restaurant quality grilling wherever you want. It’s lightweight and sturdy, with all weather wheels that make rolling across the deck, over the grass and even on

BBQ Cover for Meteor 4 Gas Burner

This Outback BBQ Cover is a vital accessory that protects your gleaming Meteor 4-burner from rain, sun and other outdoor filth! We all know that rain isn’t good for your barbecue, but many forget about the damage the sun’s blazing UV rays can do to the immaculate paintwork. This cover takes care of everything, leaving

Outback – Battery Operated Rotisserie for 2 Burner BBQs

Got a party planned for the summer? Why not introduce a whole range of new and exciting meals to your barbecue menu with the aid of the Outback- Battery Operated Rotisserie for 2 Burner BBQs. This easy to install rotisserie does all the work for you, making barbecuing even safer and much more relaxing.This rotisserie

BBQ Cover for Meteor Select 6 Gas Burner

This Outback BBQ Cover is an important accessory that will preserve the gleaming attractiveness of your Meteor Select 6 Burner barbecue all year round. Rain, UV radiation and general dirt (especially if you keep your barbecue under a tree!) are all threats to the appearance, paintwork and working order of your wonderful piece of equipment

Outback – Battery Operated Rotisserie for 3 & 4 burner BBQs

Got a party planned for thesummer? Why not introduce a whole range of new and exciting meals to yourbarbecue menu with the aid of the Outback- Battery Operated Rotisserie for 3 & 4 burner BBQs. This easy toinstall rotisserie does all the work for you, making barbecuing even safer andmuch more relaxing. This rotisserie has

Outback – Battery Operated Rotisserie for 6 Burner BBQs

The Outback -Battery Operated Rotisserie for 6 Burner BBQs is a great addition to your barbecue. Simply pop a chicken or large joint of meat onto the prongs for a thoroughly even cooked succulent treat which allows you to sit back and relax as the rotisserie does all the work.Product Features:94.5cm spitBattery OperatedTwo four prong

Beefeater – Premium BUGG Compact BBQ Cover

Protect your BeefEater Bugg Barbecue from the elements whenyour barbecue is not being used with the Beefeater- Premium BUGG Compact BBQ Cover. This full-sized cover will fit well overthe BBQ and the trolley. This snug-fit waterproof cover features heavy-dutycanvas, Velcro tie straps and high-quality stitching to keep your Bugg BBQ producingtasty meals for years to

Gas Bottle Cover – 7kg

This Garland 7kg Gas Bottle Cover – 27cm will keep your gas bottle protected from the elements – great for storing gas on stand-by, ready for an impromptu barbecue or a spur-of-the-moment outing for the firepit! See image for dimensions information.