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Rentokil Slug & Snail Trap

The Slug & Snail Traps are reusable plastic traps for the control of slugs and snails in gardens. They are easy to put together and eco friendly.

Haxnicks Slug Trap (2 Pack)

Safe, simple, non-toxic and reusable slug control made from UV stabilised polypropylene. All you have to do is make a slug-buster sized hole in the soil and sink the pot so that the rim is level with the ground. Then fill the trap with a slugs favourite tipple; beer , lager, yeast tablets in salt

Slug X

The Slug X has already won a number of ‘Best Buy’ commendations in press features on slug control and countless customers continue to write to us with glowing testimonials. The Slug X attracts slugs/snails using beer. A strong smell builds up inside the trap and the slugs/snails are lured inside. Disorientated by the beer fumes,