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RoseClear Ultra Gun!

After 4 years of extensive research, RoseClear Ultra Gun. is a new generation dual systemic insecticide and fungicide. It kills aphids, and also controls blackspot, powdery mildew and rust. RoseClear Ultra protects for up to 3-4 weeks to prevent further attacks. Use RoseClear Ultra Gun. between April and September.

Ant Stop! Bait Station 2 Stations

Ant Stop. Bait Stations are clean and simple, ready to use ant traps that Stops ant activity within 3-6 days. The bait stations are effective for up to 3 months and can be used both in and outside of the home. Includes 2 bait stations containing 10g of bait.

Rentokil Window Fly Killer Sticker

The Window Fly Killer Sticker is designed to kill flies and flying insects in the home. The easy to use, discreet sticker goes onto the window in any room. Flies and insects walk over this and are killed, they will die near the window or not far away.

Rentokil Spider and Crawling Insect Trap

The Spider and Crawling Insect Trap is ideal to put down where spiders and other crawling insects are present and cause worry or damage. The simple fold-together glue trap is easy to use and discreet. It