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Campingaz Master 4 Series Classic LXS SBS Gas BBQ

Master 4 Series Classic LXS SBS brings together robust materials and exclusive features in one modern design. This barbeque is perfect for gourmet aficionados who wish to have the same cooking luxuries from indoor to the outdoors. The most sophisticated technologies, such as Even Temp Technology, the Campingaz Culinary Modulars to cook and bake various styles of dishes, or the practical InstaStart ignition system with individual backlit knobs are all integrated in the Master 4 Series Classic LXS SBS. You’ll enjoy the freedom of cooking all year round, confident that you will have the ultimate barbecue performance at your fingertips. A new coating further improves the Campingaz InstaClean System and allows pre-cleaning before your dishwasher removes the remaining grease. 10 year warranty on Master Series stainless steel burners, as well as 5 year warranty on cast iron grids. Product Features Stainless-Steel-Burner-System Get ready for the new strong and durable stainless steel tube burners for long lasting and enjoyable BBQ sessions! Enjoy great cooking performance with this smart burner system designed especially to perfectly grill all types of foods. From direct grilling to prolonged baking using indirect heat, the burner allows versatile usage: Even heat distribution across the cooking surface Powerful heat for direct grilling and searing Adjustable heat even to low temperatures ideal for indirect cooking Durable materials ensure a prolonged lifetime of burners How does the Stainless Steel Burner System work? Specially designed burners create V-shaped flames that are directed towards the cooking grid and spread the heat evenly across the cooking surface The tube burners can be adjusted to create smaller flames that are perfect for keeping low heat for extensive indirect grilling The newly designed burner tent, with protected ventilation slots, supports the even distribution of the heat and prevents flare ups Campingaz Culinary Modular System Discover the ease of multiple cooking and grilling options with Campingaz Culinary Modular Barbecue System. Simply take out the inner ring of cast iron grid and drop in one of the Culinary Modular Barbecue accessories (sold separately). Why not serve up fresh pizza baked on a pizza stone? Or indulge in a delicious grilled paella made in a Spanish non-stick paella pan. If exotic stir-fries make your mouthwater then use the carbon steel wok with non-stick coating. Or grill your chicken to perfection on the poultry roaster. Perhaps you are just simply looking to upgrade your stamped steel grid to high quality cast iron to achieve steak perfection? The Campingaz Culinary Modular Barbecue System offers every option your gourmet barbecue heart desires. InstaClean SystemCleaning your Campingaz barbecue has never been easier than with the patented Campingaz InstaClean System. Enjoy more time having fun with family and friends rather than spending hours cleaning your barbecue after an enjoyable grill party. The system allows you to remove all dishwasher safe parts in less than 60 seconds. They are sized to fit a standard dishwasher. This new patented system is featured on all Campingaz 3 and 4 Series barbecues.Instastart ignition for gas barbecues This special type of electronic ignition is a convenient push and turn-button lighting system designed specifically for our gas barbecues. Simply push and turn the button to ignite your barbecue. Even-Temp – Even Heat Distribution Temperatures of and above 250C are recommended for perfect direct grilling and searing. It is important to have such temperatures across most of the cooking surface – nothing is more annoying than having part of the food already well done while the rest is still uncooked. Our 3 & 4 Series grills reach temperatures above 250C on the cooking surface so the grill can be used more efficiently. The control knobs allow the barbecue chef to decide where he wants to have really hot areas and where he wants to have less heat.

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