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Acrylic Seat Pad Cushion – Green

Our Acrylic SeatPad Cushion – Green ismade using the finest Acrylic. The fabric is harder wearing than cotton and istherefore ideal for garden furniture cushions. This cushion is pinched with asingle piped edge to give it a simple but classic look; we have used shoelaceties so you can make sure the cushion attaches correctly and securely to thechair. This cushion is ideal for most Folding Chairs including Resin, Wood,Aluminium, Textilene and Resin Weave. It will fit Folding Chair with andwithout arms. The Seat Pad Cushion shown above is zipped so you can remove thefillings and machine wash the case at 40ËšC. Acrylic fabric has better faderesistance than cotton and is rot, shrink, crumple and stain resistant. The SeatPad Cushion is filled using reflex fibre which will make the cushion recoverafter use and will help to stop the cushion becoming flat with use. The fibreused also allows water to pass through the filling unlike foam which retainswater. By allowing water to pass through the fillings your cushion is lesslikely to rot. Please note: Whilst all the cushions are fade resistant we donot recommend they are left outside at all times. All cushions should be storedin a dry and clean environment when not in use. This cushion will fade overtime if left outside in adverse weather conditions.

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